Alumae magazine article, Spring 2017
Published in the aftermath of the 2016 US presidential election, this article for the St. Timothy's School alumnae magazine, Vérité Sans Peur, is a response to alumnae inquiries into how the St. Timothy's education is preparing students to navigate fake news, divergent viewpoints, and increasing global tensions. RGWE interviewed more than 30 students from all over the world to gain their perspectives on a range of issues--from income disparity, religion, and cultural values to the importance of listening, and hope for the future. The resulting article provides a deep dive into their fears, hopes, and dreams. Just as important, it offers St. Timothy's alumnae a clear look at how the unique St. Tim's education is preparing these young women for leadership in an uncertain world.

"We need to challenge things we believe are wrong and not limit ourselves because of fear."